About the Podcast

Infrequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Missing Movie Club?

SHORT ANSWER: It’s a podcast about movies.

LONGER ANSWER: You know how sometimes you find out a friend hasn’t seen a movie you love, and you say something like, “You haven’t seen that? We’ll have to watch it sometime!” We’ve basically taken that whole thing and made it into a podcast where we all watch a movie that at least one member of the group has never seen. Then we record ourselves talking about it, because that’s how podcasts work.

2. Why is it called the Missing Movie Club? Is it about missing movies?

We chose that name because this podcast is our way of helping each other fill in the MOVIES we think are MISSING from each other’s lives. The CLUB part is just for fun and to give us a theme to run with. Who doesn’t want to be part of a club?

…and no, it’s not about movies that are literally missing. An ongoing podcast about lost films would be interesting (and may exist?), but we’re not that cool.

3. You’re not famous or anything?

Nope, just normal people. Not experts or comedians, either. You can learn more about us in the Member Directory.

4. Is the podcast kid friendly? Should I blare it out loud at work?

That’s a big NOPE on both. We’ll be discussing some movies that are full of adult situations and violence. Plus, we could say words like “darn” or “shoot,” but what’s the point when everyone damn well knows we mean damn and shit? We’re here to have fun, not police our language.

If that’s an issue this probably isn’t the podcast for you, and that’s okay. Still, we’re all darn sorry and disappointed as heck that you’ll miss out!

5. How do you pick the movies and who gets to pick the movie each month?

That’s all laid out in the Club Procedures manual.

6. When do new episodes come out?

The latest club meetings are released on the FIRST THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH.

We may do some special releases from time to time too, but those will be released on a case by case basis.

7. Where can I listen to the podcast?

The latest episode is always on our News & Updates page, and past episodes are available in the Archive.

You can also find us on the following podcast services:

Be sure to follow us on whatever platform you prefer so you can get notified when new episodes go up!

8. Do you have transcripts available for hearing impaired club members?

We are currently unable to provide true closed captioning, but there are a couple of options. One is the auto-captioned version of the show, which is available on our YouTube channel. It’s definitely not perfect (like most auto-generated things).

The other option is that we’re slowly putting together transcripts and posting them here on the site. It takes some time, so apologies for any delay. We hope to find a quicker solution and to improve the YouTube captions in time.

To find the transcript for a particular episode, please use the search field at the bottom of any page of this website to search for the word “transcript.”

9. Can I suggest a movie for the club to watch?

We’re open to suggestions, but keep in mind we already have a pretty big list to work through. At the very least, we might give you and your movie a shoutout or a quick mini-review if it’s something some of us have seen. Or we might do a whole bonus episode over the movie you suggest. Who knows?

No promises, though!

Ways to contact us can be found here.

10. What is our policy on “randos?”

The only Club Officer with a stated policy on randos is Jason. Jason loves a good rando.

For further clarification, check out Episode 2, “Cry Me A Glitter.”

11. Can I join the club or be a guest member?

We’re working on a few ideas related to that (well, not just to YOU particularly, but you get the idea). As soon as we figure things out we’ll announce it both on the show and on the site so stay tuned!

REMEMBER: We already consider you an honorary member if you’ve listened to at least one episode.