Reminder: Next Meeting on 11/4

Hello honorary members!

We know the Halloween season might have you busy, but don’t forget to watch our movie for next month’s meeting: Trolls (2016)!

Really, we couldn’t have picked two movies that are more different if we tried. Now, just imagine if we had a crossover film, a la the Muppet Christmas Carol. A little more carnage on the Trolls end; a little more glitter on The Crow.

Something like this, maybe?

We’re just saying, it could work!

Quick Mini-FAQ:

When’s the next episode?

Our second full episode will be released on November 4th, 2021.

Where can I listen to it?

Right here on the website OR at any of the following links:

…and many other fine podcasting services!

Who are you people?

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I have more questions.

Take a look around the site, or head directly to our Regular-sized FAQ.