Welcome to the Club

New to the Missing Movie Club? This is the place to start!

This special session of the Missing Movie Club is intended to give prospective members (just like you!) a taste of what to expect from our upcoming club meetings. Join us — Chris, Jason, John, and Pamela — as we go over why the club was formed, some of our favorite genres and actors, and just generally have a good time talking about movies.

In this episode we also choose the movie we plan to watch and then discuss during our first official monthly meeting, releasing October 7, 2021.

A full transcript of the episode is available here: http://missingmovieclub.com/transcripts/transcript-welcome-to-the-club/

MOVIE FOR NEXT MEETING: The Crow (1994) starring Brandon Lee.

SPOILER WARNING: If you’ve never seen the movie (or haven’t seen it in a long time), we recommend watching the movie before that episode releases because there will be spoilers.

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