Club Introductions


At this point you’re probably wondering what this is all about.

Let me ‘splain… No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

The Missing Movie Club is a new podcast built around four friends introducing each other to movies we think are missing from each other’s lives.

We’ve had way too many conversations that boil down to “SERIOUSLY, you’ve NEVER seen that movie? Wow, but it’s so good! Hey, we should watch it together sometime!” The problem is that those conversations never actually led to any of us watching the movies being recommended.

That’s why we’ve formed the Missing Movie Club, as a fun project where we can watch and discuss the movies some of us somehow missed. We hope you’ll join us as an honorary (non-voting, mainly just listening) member. We promise it’ll be fun, if not exactly professional quality.

Quick Mini-FAQ:

When’s the first episode?

The first full episode will be released on October 7th, 2021 (though we may release a little something extra before then).

Where can I listen to it?

Right here on the website as soon as we make our first release OR at any of the following links:

Who are you people?

You should check out the Member Directory.

I have more questions.

Take a look around the site, or head directly to our Regular-sized FAQ.