Cry Me A Glitter

Get on your rollerskates and bibs, Club Members!

Join us for our second full meeting of the Missing Movie Club as we discuss Trolls (2016). Additional topics covered include: historic VHS tape prices, Stone Protectors, toxic positivity, 80’s interior design, and more!

Club member(s) who had never seen the movie: Jason

Officer Roles this session:

  • President – Chris
  • Vice President – Pamela
  • Treasurer – Jason
  • Secretary – John

For more details on club procedures or to learn more about us, please visit

Post-Show Notes:

The new policy on “randos” has been added to the FAQ on our about page at

Movie for next meeting: The Lemon Drop Kid (1951) starring Bob Hope and Marilyn Maxwell.

SPOILER WARNING: If you’ve never seen the movie (or haven’t seen it in a long time), we recommend watching it before the episode releases because there will definitely be spoilers!

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