Here Cons Santa Claus

Ho ho ho and happy holidays, Club Members!

It’s time for a fun, festive holiday meeting of the Missing Movie Club! This month we’re discussing The Lemon Drop Kid (1951) starring Bob Hope and Marilyn Maxwell. Additional topics covered include: gravy boat giveaways, big beefy singles, Christmas songs, gangster names, and more! You never know, we might even sing a Christmas carol or two!

Club member(s) who had never seen the movie: Chris, John, Pamela

Officer Roles this session:

  • President – Jason
  • Vice President – Chris
  • Treasurer – John
  • Secretary – Pamela

For more details on club procedures or to learn more about us, please visit

Post-Show Notes:

Need a little more of that smokeshow Brainey Baxter (Marilyn Maxwell) in your life? Check this out:

One clarification: When Pamela said “Red Shoes” is her most loathed Christmas song, she actually meant the song “The Christmas Shoes.” If you’ve never heard Patton Oswalt’s brilliant breakdown of the song, it’s definitely worth a listen (VERY NSFW):

Movie for next meeting: The Philadelphia Story (1940) starring Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and Jimmy Stewart.

SPOILER WARNING: If you’ve never seen the movie (or haven’t seen it in a long time), we recommend watching it before the episode releases because there will definitely be spoilers!

Need more Jason in your life?

Check out his podcasts: Gabbing with Gayson and Keeping the Yuletide Gay

Need more John in your life?

Well, he doesn’t have another podcast, but you could maybe read his short story, “Walking Down” that was recently published in the Baltimore Review. There’s even audio of him reading it on the same page as the story, and that’s sort of like a podcast, we guess.

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